Please join me Saturday October 15th, 2016 for an amazing evening of music, fashion, photography and art! ...and the whole evening will be organized by and themed around Carlos Martinez' THE ROCK 'N' ROLL WRESTLING BASH! If you've seen one one of Carlos' events already, then you already know how much fun this art show is goingto be. If you haven't, then trust me... come!

- Music by The Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling Bash house band: El Brujo's Gorechestra
- Photography exhibit by John Charles (REBELLION AND TRUTH)
- Artwork by Carlos Martinez, Timo Wuerz, Antighost Siebdrucke,
- Fashion by Cody Varona

Don't miss my REBELLION AND TRUTH display!  It will consist completely of never before seen photos!

I will be at Forgotten Saints throughout the evening, so please come down to Melrose! I look forward to hanging out with all my Los Angeles friends... and making many new ones!

~John Charles

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