Black Friday 2017

20171123 - Black Friday Sale-2000x.jpg

Fuck massive corporate consumerism!  ...and Fuck Black Friday!  What do you really need to buy anyway?  Spend your thanksgiving weekend doing something other than fighting the crowds and donate to a charity instead.  As incentive, I will send a free REBELLION AND TRUTH t-shirt to anyone who shows me proof of a $25 donation to the ANIMAL RIGHTS charity of their choice!  Everyone wins!  ...especially the animals! 

Here's what you do...
(1) Contact me via my website or social media to make sure I have the style/size t-shirt you want and to confirm your charity is legit.
(2)  Donate $25 or more to your charity.
(3)  Send me your mailing address and proof of donation.

That's it!  You'll be rockin' an awesome REBELLION AND TRUTH t-shirt and helping save lives!