Rozz Williams/Christian Death Exhibit

20180401 - Christian Death Art Show - Flyer 1.jpg

Please join me this Sunday night (4/1/2018) at Lethal Amounts for a Rozz Williams & Christian Death photography/art exhibit! The night will feature original art by Rozz Williams, Edward Colver photography, tribute art, rare items, and a few surprises!

I will be loaning three original collages made by Rozz Williams for the exhibit!  I will also be loaning a monkey fur outfit (vest & skirt) hand sewn by Rozz Williams, which he wore on stage and in publicity photos with Shadow Project!  In addition, I will be showing a never-before-seen photograph of my own, as a tribute piece to Rozz Williams!

This event takes place on the 20th anniversary of Rozz Williams passing.  I will be there throughout the evening, so please come join me to honor the legacy of one of the greatest artists/musicians of our time!


~John Charles

Many thanks to Lethal Amounts for putting this event together. Official event page here...